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1. Schedule a department assessment
Please contact Rohn Durbin to schedule an assessment.
Phone: 859 323-5757

Pre-assessment Form


2. End of Term Transitions

The University administers numberous copier rental (lease) agreements with third-party vendors (Toshiba, OfficeWare, AB Dick, Commonwealth Technology, Duplicator Sales and Service, etc.) which are independent of the Managed Print Services (MPS) agreement with Ricoh.

Rental agreements for third-party copiers placed prior to January 2011 will continue through duration of their contract terms. Departments will transition onto the Managed Print Services (MPS) program with Ricoh upon expiry of their third-party agreements.

  • Ricoh staff will meet with department business person(s) to review their needs and provide a written proposal to meet the needs of the area
  • Upon approval of the Ricoh proposal, the department should contact the vendor(s) holding current rental agreements and schedule removal by contacting the dealer or calling the service number on the machine.
  • Departments should plan for delivery of the new equipment to coincide with removal of third-party units whenever possible.

Many departments use copiers provided through UK Copier Services (UKCS) rather than a direct agreement with a third-party vendor. Removal and end-of-term issues with UKCS copiers must be coordinated through UKCS.
Contact person: Jill Jenkins email:, phone: 859 257-2042 x237

  • Departments cannot terminate third-party rental agreements prior to end of their terms, without being subject to early termination fees.
  • For rental copiers with memory or hard drives, departments should erase/remove data prior to vendor pickup. Copier vendors may wipe hard drives as part of the standard removal process. Upon request and for an additional charge, they may execute a “certified” wipe using special software. “Hard drive surrender” service may also be available; the vendor will physically remove the hard drive and release it to the department. Departments should be conscious of HIPAA or other regulations regarding privacy or protection of personal data when they consider level of security required.
  • Departments should retain final meter reads and removal documents. For machines provided via UKCS, final documentation should be forwarded to Jill Jenkins and final journal voucher transactions completed. For dealer direct agreements, departments should retain documentation for their files.