Expand Opportunities for Entry and Advancement
Ensure Equitable Compensation
Promote Women Employees
Create a Hospitable Climate


A great university knows its own behavior relative to hiring, retention, promotion, and compensation of women and holds institutional decision makers accountable for that behavior. UK must:

  • Revise the employee separation process to include regular analysis of why women leave UK.
  • Account annually for unit-level recruitment, hiring, retention, promotion, and termination of all employees by sex, race, job classification, and intersections of the three.
  • Hold institutional decision makers accountable in annual merit reviews and salary determinations for the recruitment, retention, and promotion of women staff, administrators, and faculty.
  • Provide detailed annual analyses of all on-campus crimes against women reported and all gender-related complaints filed.
  • Issue an annual presidential assessment of the status of women compiling all reports and audits on issues relating to gender equity.