Expand Opportunities for Entry and Advancement
Promote Women Employees
Create a Hospitable Environment
Increase Institutional Accountability


A great university provides just and equitable compensation and financial incentives to all employees, regardless of sex, race, sexual orientation, or family status. UK must:

  • Conduct biannual multivariate analyses for potential gender bias in salaries and wages of all university employees and disseminate the results.
  • Interpret federal and state laws regulating the workplace compassionately and generously for the benefit of all university employees.
  • Provide benefits that meet the varying needs and responsibilities of individual employees through a “cafeteria plan” benefit package that includes at least:
    • sliding scale University contributions to individual and family health insurance coverage;
    • all benefits on a pro rata basis to permanent employees working less than full-time;
    • institutional child care policy ensuring sufficient on-site childcare services for all employees, including drop-in and sick child care;
    • domestic partner eligibility for all family-related benefits;
    • optional application of tuition credits at other state-supported postsecondary institutions for employees or their immediate family members; and
    • full range of elder care benefits, including subsidized adult day care, access to overnight respite care and home health services.