2018 National Conference

Overview of the 2018 Conference:

Conceptual and issue‐oriented conference: 1) Discussion regarding changes on college campuses after the DOE rescinded key parts of the DCL; 2) Looking at sexual misconduct beyond sexual assault: sexual harassment, stalking, and vulnerable populations.

October 4th-5th, 2018

  • Day One (Morning): Navigating Changes…
    • The discussion then turned to universities’ responses to the changes of the prior Title IX guidelines. This was specifically looking at the DeVos changes at the DOE that were released at the closing of our last conference.

    • Began the conference discussing how post‐secondary institutions handled sexual misconduct cases after the issuance of 2011 Dear Colleague Letter

  • Day One (Afternoon): Beyond Sexual Assault…

    • Conceptual Structure and Identification of sexual harassment followed by the practical assessment, investigation and adjudication of sexual harassment.

    • Conceptual Structure and Identification of stalking followed by the practical assessment, investigation and adjudication of stalking.

  • Day Two: (Morning) Vulnerable Populations…

    • Sexual misconduct cases involving International and Graduate Students

    • Sexual misconduct cases involving Students with Disabilities

    • Sexual misconduct cases involving LGBTQ* Students

  • Day Two (Afternoon): An Ideal World…

    • Discussion regarding programming, prevention, and/or changes that we should see "in an ideal world" regarding sexual misconduct.

    • New ways to envision capus responses to sexual misconduct were addressed. 


  • University administrators, KY Attorney General Representative, student affairs personnel, police officers, advocates, faculty, researchers, lawyers, Title IX officers and graduate students.

  • 11 states represented

  • 28+ institutions, organizations, and companies

  • ~100 attendees

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We would like to thank everyone who attended!