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The third national conference focused on Campus Responses to Sexual Misconduct presented by the Center for Research on Violence Against Women will address campus sexual misconduct at a “meta” level, looking at interventions that are designed to change campus culture.  The event will convene the voices of leading national researchers and practitioners addressing sexual assault, sexual harassment, and bullying, as well as evaluation methods for broad-based programs. This year's conference is presented virtually and provides information relevant to student life, college administrators, researchers, Title IX, advocates, counseling personnel, and others interested in topics related to campus sexual misconduct.

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2021 Presenters


“This conference is by far the most important I attend annually. We actually engage, learn and share in ways that other conferences fail to do. The format is terrific, and the people at the Center are key. The Center has put the University of Kentucky on the map as a power house in terms of Violence Against Women, gender‐based violence, and related topics. The University of Kentucky should be extremely proud of what the Center has done!” -2018 Conference Attendee