Lecture Series


Ignite Your Research is an educational series of video lectures from our endowed faculty and expert staff to help others learn more about research in the area of intimate partner violence, and to enhance and elevate understanding of researchers entering the field. In 2020-2021 the CRVAW lecture series is available in online on demand format in order to continue our outreach and education mission while observing social distancing precautions.


Featured Lecture

Episode 5: A Career in Violence Against Women (VAW) Research

Professor of Epidemiology in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Verizon Wireless Endowed Chair, Dr. Ann Coker, talks about the path of her career and how she began studying the coincidence of negative health impacts related to Violence Against Women (VAW). Dr. Coker's award winning career as an Epidemiologist working in Women's Health spans over 30 years. She is a recipient of the National Sexual Violence Resource Center Visionary Voice Award, and the Wade Hampton Frost Lectureship Award from the Epidemiology Section of the American Public Health Association. Coker's candid discussion of her career path is informative and insightful especially for those considering a career in VAW Studies.


Episode 4. Domestic Violence & Financial Status

A discussion originally recorded and published by the COVID-19 Domestic Violence Task Force and featuring Judi Conway-Patton Endowed Chair, Dr. Claire Renzetti. Drs. Claire Renzetti and Cynthia Sanders are interviewed by the COVID-19 Task Force on Domestic Violence in this video. As experts in their fields, they discuss the reported increase in intimate partner violence during the COVID-19 pandemic. They address how shelter-in-place orders, quarantine requirements, and increased stress due to working at home, home schooling children, and the financial crises spurred by the pandemic have exacerbated the problem of domestic violence.


Episode 3.  See You Now Podcast by Johnson & Johnson, "COVID-19 The Nurse Response: Safe Homes," hosted by Shawna Butler and featuring Cralle-Day Foundation Endowed Professor, Dr. Camille Burnett.

This episode of our series features an interview with Dr. Camille Burnett, Associate Professor of Nursing and Cralle-Day Endowed Professor at the University of Kentucky on the podcast SEE YOU NOW presented by Johnson & Johnson. Originally aired on May 21, 2020 during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic host Shawna Butler discusses with Dr. Burnett how nurses are uniquely positioned to help women facing domestic and intimate partner violence just as shelter in place orders have increased their exposure and risk to harm by their abusers.  Even as COVID-19 vaccination rates increase and restrictions are slowly lifted, this conversation about how Nurses’ presence at multiple access points including schools, hospitals, and churches uniquely positions them to support women threatened by violence and the agencies that serve them is still quite timely and relevant one year later in our changed and increasingly digital world.


Episode 2. Challenges of Measuring Intimate Partner Psychological Abuse

Dr. Diane Follingstad, Professor of Clinical and Forensic Psychology and Endowed Chair at the Center for Research on Violence Against Women (Univ. of KY), discusses the nuances of collecting and measuring data pertaining to intimate partner psychological abuse she has gained from years in her field. Her insightful commentary illuminates areas of special consideration for designing studies which are both meaningful and useful in this vitally important and sensitive research field.

Episode 1. Introduction to Missing Data Analysis

Missing data is commonplace in research studies in many disciplines including Sociology and Criminology. Caihong Li, Ph.D. who serves as the Statistician at the Center for Research on Violence Against Women, explains practices for preventing missing data, types of missing data you may encounter and methods for handling missing data. Her helpful overview includes information on study design and new guidelines from journals on how to treat missing data prior to publication.


In the past, The Center for Research on Violence Against Women Lecture Series were presented in person. While these presentations are not available in video format, an archive of past lecture topics is available below: