The UK Center for Research on Violence Against Women is committed to advancing research into the clinical, legal, cultural and other complexities presented by intimate partner violence, rape, stalking and related crimes against women. Its mission also includes preparing students to address violence against women as academicians and scholars and as providers in the health, mental health, social welfare and criminal justice systems. The Center is dedicated to enhancing the welfare and safety of those women impacted by violence by promoting and enhancing research and extending the reach of the university through research in the public arena.

Our primary objectives include:

• Contribute to the national research agenda on violence against women

• Create a progressive research agenda for the Center for Research on Violence Against Women

• Expand and support interdisciplinary research at the University of Kentucky

• Expand research opportunities for graduate and professional students

• Conduct research that can be translated into the practice of criminal justice, health and mental health and other professionals and advocates

• Promote collaboration among researchers, advocates and practitioners

• Improve the safety and well‐being of UK women through research endeavors