Membership Information

The UK Women's Forum is an organization for all employees of the University, both faculty and staff. Its mission is to exert leadership in empowering, validating, informing, including, and celebrating all women employed at the University of Kentucky by addressing challenges, communicating issues, and recognizing successes within the context of the workplace. Board Members are elected in elections held in May and serve a two-year term. Board members attend a one-day retreat in June and must also attend the monthly board meetings, held for 30 minutes prior to the monthly professional development presentations in the WTY Library Gallery Room.  

Professional Development

Check this space for information on UKWF's monthly professional development and educational presentations.  All general members are strongly encouraged to attend, but the presentations are open to all UK faculty and staff. Please feel free to invite your colleagues. 


Become a General Member

Click here to email our past Chair Laura Mancuso about becoming a General Member.

General members are recruited or self-appointed and they are encouraged to serve on one or more committees, including Programs, Communications, Sarah Bennett Holmes Luncheon and the Fall Conference. If general members elect to serve on a committee, they will meet monthly within their committees and are encouraged to attend the monthly Board meetings.