Alan DeSantis





For My Students:

If you are interested in my views on teaching and learning, follow this link to UK's Teaching and Academic Support Center: They have posted a short video interview with me where I discuss my philosophy on education.


Academic Awards


University of Kentucky 's "Best Professor."

Voted by the University Student Body as the "Best" University Professor (Sponsored by the Student Developmental Council & the Kentucky Kernel)

*Awarded 2008-2009

*Awarded 2007-2008

*Awarded 2006-2007

*Awarded 2004-2005

*Awarded 2003-2004

*Awarded 2002-2003

*Awarded 1999-2000

*Awarded 1998-1999


James Madison University's School of Communication Studies Distinguished Alumni Award

*Awarded 2009

United States Professor of the Year Award

Nominated 2009 by the University of Kentucky's Provost Committee. This national award is sponsored by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and supported by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE).  The U.S. Professors of the Year award honors the nation's best teachers for their achievements in teaching undergraduate students.


Inter-fraternity Council's Great Teacher Award:

  *Nominated 1996

  * Awarded 1997

  * Awarded 2005

  * Awarded 2008


Golden Key Society's Honorary Member Recipient Award

  *Awarded 1998

Outstanding Teacher in College of Communication and Information Sciences :

  *Nominated 1994

  *Nominated 1995

  * Awarded 1996

Alumni Award for Outstanding Teaching at the University of Kentucky :

  *Nominated 1996

  * Awarded 1997


Chancellor's Award for Outstanding Teaching at the University of Kentucky :

  * Finalist 1996



Courses Taught

CJT 780: Critical and Social Theory


Sample Lectures

CJT 664: Qualitative Research Methods

Syllabus Sp 11:

Readings Link:

CJT 601: Introduction to Graduate Studies


COM 599: Empowerment: A Study in Race and Gender


COM 462: Intercultural Communication

Paper Work:



  • Islam PP
  • Hinduism PP
  • Buddhism PP

Link to Articles:

COM 454: Ethnographic Methodology (honors seminar) Readings for Spring 2010

COM 454: A Study in Racism and White Privilege (honors seminar)


Sample Lectures:

COM 454: Rhetorical Theory (honors seminar) (Compressed Video)


COM 453: Social Issues and the Mass Media

Syllabus (Fall 10)


"Rip" Documentary

COM 351: Communication Theory


COM 350: Language and Communication


Summer Packet


Sample Lectures:

COM 101: Introduction to Communication Studies (Mass-Lecture Format)

Syllabus (Spring 11)

Love Lecture: