Faculty and Staff

To advance the Center's agenda, the Center has established a plan to endow chairs and professorships of study on violence against women - each with a specific area of study and all contributing to a university-wide interdisciplinary body of knowledge on violence against women. The University of Kentucky's Center for Research on Violence Against Women leadership team of endowed faculty is focused on producing excellent research designed to improve the quality of life of those affected by forms of violence that disproportionately involve women. Our ultimate goal through our efforts of conducting and disseminating research is to prevent such violence. 


Director and Endowed Chair

Diane Follingstad, Ph.D., has been Director of the Center since 2014 and the Women's Circle Endowed Chair since 2008. 


Endowed Faculty 

Ann Coker, Ph.D., has been the Verizon Wireless Endowed Chair since 2007.

Claire Renzetti, Ph.D., has been the Judi Conway Patton Endowed Chair since 2010. 

Charles Carlson, Ph.D., ABPP,  has been the Robert H. and Anna B. Culton Endowed Professor since 2008.

Heather Bush, Ph.D., has been the Kate Spade & Co. Foundation Endowed Professor since 2015. 


Administrative Staff

Brandon Bell has been the Administrative Staff Officer for the Center since 2016. 

Jaspreet Chahal has been the Research Coordinator for C.A.T.S. Project at the Center since 2015.

Emily Bonistall Postel, Ph.D.,  has been a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center since 2016. 

Caihong Li has been a Graduate Research Assistant at the Center since 2016. 

Jade Singleton has been a Graduate Research Assistant at the Center since 2016. 

Margaret Campe has been a Graduate Research Assistant at the Center since 2016. 


Internal Advisory Board 

The Center for Research on Violence Against Women’s Internal Advisory Board (IAB) consists of an interdisciplinary group of colleagues from across UK’s campus. The IAB members bridge alliances with diverse academic units, provide access to a wealth of additional research expertise, and afford enhanced opportunities for innovative, interdisciplinary collaborations which will be instrumental in helping the Center accomplish its research mission.