Evaluation & Planning


The Evaluation and Planning Core for the Southeast Center for Agricultural Health and Injury Prevention (SCAHIP) serves as the conduit through which all Center projects and activities are conceived, monitored, and assessed. The SCAHIP mission is to develop new knowledge in AFF occupational safety and health and to transfer that knowledge into practice, training, and service across the diverse communities in the southeast region. Its vision is to have safer farms and forests, physically and mentally healthier AFF workers, and reduced inequities in the distribution of work-related benefits and risks among the diverse members of AFF communities in the southeast region, especially those from historically underrepresented groups.

The SCAHIP’s Planning and Evaluation Core Aims are:

  1. Provide leadership, administration, coordination, and oversight for all Center projects and activities, ensuring representation of diverse cultures and perspectives among Center leaders, project personnel, and connections.
  2. Maintain and develop new linkages with governmental and non-governmental bodies involved in AFF health and safety--including NIOSH and other agricultural health and safety research centers--and groups representing diverse cultures and perspectives, and leverage those connections to expand Center work;
  3. Ensure good stewardship of Center resources through systematic and transparent budget, accounting and reporting procedures;
  4. Provide oversight on the Center's Emerging Issues programs, which includes just-in-time projects generated through systematic surveillance or potential new threats identified and have likely impacts on local resources, the environment, or populations;
  5. Guide the evaluation of all Cores and Center Activities using meaningful, culturally inclusive measures of impact, drive continuous Center improvement, and build Center-wide evaluation capacity

The three Teams central to this Core are the Planning Team, the Emerging Issues and Surveillance Team, and the Evaluation Team. Together, these Teams work together to ensure that all Center activities are working toward a long-term goal of reducing injury and fatality in the Agricultural, Fishing and Forestry sector in the southeast region. 


University of Kentucky SCAHIP Annual Reports