Impact & Significance

The Southeast Center for Agricultural Health and Injury Prevention’s mission is to address the nation’s pressing agricultural, forestry and fishing health and safety problems. Below is a list of recent impacts the Center has made in its region:

  • SCAHIP implemented a large-scale survey interacting directly with more than 350 agriculture/forestry/fishing (AgFF) stakeholders across 10 different states regarding areas of health and safety concern in the field. A combination of a multi-pronged outreach strategy and the development of several programs aided in extending the scope of contact and narrowing down true industry problems that require further attention.
  • The Center has integrated agricultural safety materials into the curriculum of public schools such as the Virtual Tractor Safety Inspection Training Tool (VIT). A SCAHIP and Conceptual Arts collaboration, the web-based program, was also utilized in performance assessments for high school students in the safety-focused agricultural mechanics classes thus increasing the safety knowledge of many students.
  • Cost-effective Roll-over Protective Structures (CROPS) continue to be installed thanks to the KY CROPS program funded by SCAHIP. The impressive outcomes of the high impact program are that 750 students in 39 different agricultural education programs built 91 life-saving CROPS.  By the Fall 2017, the program will expand to 10 states, including: Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia, Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Missouri. What’s more, SCAHIP has been instrumental in the collaboration with NIOSH representatives and agricultural mechanics teachers to create a CROPS Curriculum Guide and an annual professional development workshop.  
  • YouTube and Social Media Outreach have played a significant role in the growth of both the SCAHIP-funded Economics of Prevention (EOP II) program and of SCAHIP itself. Three EOP digital documentaries were uploaded to the U.S. Agricultural Safety and Health Centers recently and its website has grown from 15,014 visits in 2014 to 16,358 in 2017. SCAHIP’s website is also maintaining growth with nearly 8000 visitors, 10,412 visits, and 78,578 hits in 2015 from all over the world along with 152 Facebook and 133 Twitter followers.
  • SCAHIP continues to contribute to the growth of the National Agricultural Safety Database (NASD) and VIT will allow for the training and performance documentation necessary for the development of certification programs. These may involve continuing education (CE) credits or training certifications in the future. The NASD Web 1.0 program will serve as an information hub for stakeholders from multiple agricultural centers that will connect countless users to safety products as well as other resources.