Grain Bin Safety Week

Grain Bin Safety Week is a collaborative effort with industry leaders and agricultural professionals to raise awareness about grain bin dangers and provide education and share best safety practices to reduce the number of preventable injuries and deaths associated with grain handling and storage.


  • Suffocation is the leading cause of death in grain accidents. 
  • In four seconds, an adult can sink knee-deep in flowing grain and be rendered unable to free themselves without help. 
  • Nearly 400 grain entrapments have been recorded in the past 10 years. It’s estimated an additional 30% of cases go unreported. 
  • In 2019, there were 38 grain entrapment cases – a 27% increase over 2018 and a four-year high. 
  • 70% of grain entrapments have occurred on farms vs. commercial facilities. 
  • Many of these incidents involve young people who often lack a good understanding of the potential dangers and proper safety procedures.

Sources: 2019 Summary of U.S. Agricultural Confined Space-Related Injuries and Fatalities and United Press International

UMASH has created and compiled a variety of grain handling safety resources. 

Take a moment to review these resources and share them with farmworkers, youth, and anyone working in or near grain storage on your farm.