Online professional development program to enhance well being for veterinary graduates transitioning to practice

Completed Pilot Project

The goals of this program are to 1. Develop an evidence-based, transdisciplinary, online professional skills development curriculum to equip new veterinarians with non-clinical skills to improve resiliency, self-efficacy, and coping skills, 2. Conduct monthly guided online small-group meetings with participants to reinforce skills learned through reflection on relevant scenarios where skills were used in practice, 3. Use social media strategies to create an online social support community for veterinarians to stay connected with their peers, and 4. Assess program success to determine the feasibility of program expansion to a larger population of new veterinary graduates. The expected outcome of the program is an improvement in well-being and a decrease in stress for veterinarians transitioning into practice. Findings from this pilot program will be presented at a national veterinary conference.


Here are links to videos created for the learning modules of the training program for new veterinary graduates. These videos were created with the money provided by the grant for video production equipment. Also, the grant money was used to make these approved continuing education credits.


Online pre-recorded presentation at Mid-America Veterinary Conference on research findings from the needs assessment performed in January 2020 from this study: Reinhard, A. (2020, September 18-19). Strategies to Improve Early Career Well- being: Implications of a Recent Veterinary Graduate Focus Group [Conference presentation]. Mid-American Veterinary Conference, Florence, IN.