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Gaines Center for the Humanities

Gallatin County Cooperative Extension Office

Gallery, Niles

Gallery, Rasdall

Gallery, Raymond Barnhart

Gallery, Tuska Center for Contemporary Art

Gamma Knife Center

Garage Services

Garden, Mathews

Garrard County Cooperative Extension Office

Garrigus Building

Gartner Research


Gastrointestinal and Minimally Invasive Surgery

Gatton Building Cafe

Gatton College of Business and Economics

Gatton Undergraduate Advising Center


Gender and Women's Studies

General Discussion

General Education Curriculum (UK Core)

General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics

General Pediatrics

General Surgery

Genetic Testing and Research Laboratory, Animal

Genetics, Molecular

Geographic Information System Lab


Geologic Maps

Geological Survey


Geospatial Science and Technology Working Group



German Studies


Gerontology, Donovan Scholarship in

Gift and Estate Planning

Gill Heart Institute

Gillis Building

Girls in Engineering, Math, and Science

Girls in Science


GIS Campus Support


Giving To UK

Glass, Paint, and Sign Services

Global English Research Project

Global Scholars Program

Gluck Equine Research Center

Gluck Equine Research Foundation

Good Samaritan Hospital

Google Search Appliance

Governing Regulations

Government Information Services, Federal

Government Relations

GPA Calculator


Graduate Center for Gerontology

Graduate Center for Toxicology

Graduate Education, Pharmacy

Graduate Medical Education

Graduate School

Graduate Student and Family Housing

Graduation/Commencement Information

Grand Ballroom

Grant County Cooperative Extension Office

Grant Information

Graphic Standards Manual

Graphics and Web Design

Graves County Cooperative Extension Office

Grayson County Cooperative Extension Office


Greek Affairs

Green County Cooperative Extension Office


Greenup County Cooperative Extension Office

Grehan Building

Grounds Services

Guides, Course (Libraries)

Guides, Research by Subject

Guignol Theatre


Gyula Pauer Center for Cartography and GIS

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