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Abroad, Education

Academic Affairs and Research Division, Libraries

Academic Affairs, Pharmacy

Academic Alert Referral System

Academic Calendars

Academic Common Market

Academic Computing in Medical Education

Academic Enhancement

Academic Liaisons, Libraries

Academic Ombud Services

Academic Planning, Analytics, and Technologies

Academic Preparation Program

Academic Scholarships

Academic Services and Teacher Certification

Academic Technical Support

Academic Technology Group

Academy for Creative Excellence

Accelerated Course of Study, B.S./M.D.

Access Records Management Department, Libraries

Accessibility Map for Campus

Accessible Agriculture [AgrAbility]

Account Services (IT)

Accountancy, Von Allmen School of

Accounting and Financial Reporting Services

Accounting, General

Accounts Payable Services

Accounts, Patient



Acquisitions Department, Libraries

Acute Care Nursing Services

Adair County Cooperative Extension Office

Add/Drop Windows

Additional Learning Opportunities

Additional Learning Programs


Administration Annex

Administration, Library Finance and

Administrative Computer Training

Administrative Offices

Administrative Regulations

Administrative Systems Group

Admission Information

Admissions - College of Law

Admissions - College of Medicine

Admissions, Graduate School

Admissions, Transfer

Admissions, Undergraduate

Admitting - Chandler Hospital

Admitting - Good Samaritan

Adolescent Medicine - Pediatrics

Adolescent Risk Behavior Research

Adult Student Services

Advanced Genetic Technologies Center

Advanced Placement Program

Advanced Science and Technology Commercialization Center

Advanced Surgery (CATS)

Advancement of Women's Health, Center for the

Advising Conferences

Advising, Undergraduate

Aerospace Studies

Affirmative Action

African American Studies and Research Program

Ag Deli


Aging Brain and Cognition Laboratory


Agricultural Biotechnology

Agricultural Communications Service

Agricultural Economics

Agricultural Education

Agricultural Engineering, Biosystems and

Agricultural Experiment Station

Agricultural Experiment Station, Kentucky

Agricultural Information Center

Agricultural Science Center

Agricultural Science Center South

Agricultural Weather Center

Agriculture - Facilities Management

Agriculture Alumni Programs

Agriculture Communications Information Technology Section

Agriculture Data Center

Agriculture Extension

Agriculture Facilities Management Engineering

Agriculture Program and Staff Development

Agriculture Regulatory Services

Agriculture, Food, and Environment, College of

Agriculture, International Programs



AIDS Education Training Center, Kentucky

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Air Force ROTC

Air Medical Service


Alert Referral System, Academic

Alert, UK

All News

Allen County Cooperative Extension Office

Allergy and Immunology

Allergy, and Sinus Clinic, Asthma

Allergy, Asthma, and Immunolog - Pediatric

Alliance for Minority Participation, Louis Stokes

Alliance for Systems Change

Allied Health Professions, College of (now Health Sciences)

Alumni Association

Alumni Band

Alumni Plaza, Wildcat

Alumni, Agriculture

Alumni, Architecture

Alumni, Arts and Sciences

Alumni, Business and Economics

Alumni, Design

Alumni, Law

Alumni, Medicine

Alumni, Nursing

Alzheimer's Disease Center

Ambassador Program

Ambulatory Services

Ambystoma Genetic Stock Center

American Culture Minor Program

American Music, John Jacob Niles Center for

American Society of Civil Engineers

American Society of Mechanical Engineers


Analytical Services (CAER)

Anatomy and Neurobiology

Anderson County Cooperative Extension Office

Anderson Hall (Tower)


Animal and Food Sciences

Animal Genetic Testing and Research Laboratory

Animal Research Center

Annual Reports


Anthropology, Webb Museum of


AP Credit

Apartment Housing



Apothecary Cafe

Appalachia Community Cancer Network

Appalachian and Minority Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Majors

Appalachian and Minority STEM Majors

Appalachian Center

Appalachian Mathematics and Science Partnership

Appalachian Rural Systemic Initiative

Appalachian Studies


Applied Statistics Laboratory




Archaeological Research


Architect, University

Architecture, School of


Archives, University

Area Health Education Center


Art and Visual Studies, School of

Art Museum

Artist Series concerts

Arts Administration Program

Arts and Sciences Alumni Programs

Arts and Sciences, College of


ASERL Combined Catalog

Ash Library

Ash, World of Coal

Ashland Community and Technical College

Asia Center

Ask a Librarian




Assistive Technology Research Institute, National

Associate Provost for Faculty Advancement

Association of Emeriti Faculty

Association of State Dam Safety Officials


Astham, Allergy, and Sinus Clinic

Astra Room Scheduling

Astronomy, Physics and

Atelier, Tech

Athletic Camps and Clinics

Athletic Training, Division of


Athletics Committee, Board of Trustees

Athletics Support Services

Athletics Ticket Office

Atrium Cafe

Audio Visual Services (IT)

Audio Visual Services (Young Library)

Audio-Visual Archives


Audit, Internal

Auxiliary Services

Awards Reporting Database

Axolotl Salamanders - Sal-Site

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