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C. Oran Little Research Center

Cable Television Service


Cafe Mezzo

Caldwell County Cooperative Extension Office

Calendar, Academic

Calendar, Events

Calendar, School of Music

Calendar, Training

Call Center, UK Healthcare

Calloway County Cooperative Extension Office

Campbell County Cooperative Extension Office

Camps, Athletic

Campus Accessibility Map

Campus Bike Shop

Campus Buses and Shuttles

Campus Calendar

Campus Classrooms

Campus Cuisine

Campus Directory

Campus Facilities

Campus Guide

Campus Housing

Campus Libraries

Campus Map, Interactive

Campus Maps and Directions

Campus Master Plan

Campus News

Campus Planning

Campus Police

Campus Post Office

Campus Recreation

Campus Services

Campus Tour, Online

Campus Web Cams

Campus Wireless Locations

Cancer Center, Markey

Cancer Control Program, Markey

Capacity Command Center

Capital Assets Accounting

Capital Planning

Capital Project Management Division

Capsule Endoscopy

Cardiac Cath Lab


Cardiology, Pediatric

Cardiothoracic Surgery

Cardiovascular Medicine

Cardiovascular Research Center

Career Center

Career Employment

Career Fairs

Carlisle County Cooperative Extension Office

Carnegie Library

Carpentry Services

Carroll County Cooperative Extension Office

Carter County Cooperative Extension Office

Cartography Lab

Casey County Cooperative Extension Office

Cash Operations Manual


Cat Tracker

Catalog, Course

Catalog, Online Library

Cataloging and Database Integrity, Libraries

Catalysis Research and Testing Center


Catholic Studies


CATS (Athletics Tutorial Services)

Cattle, Beef

Cattle, Dairy


CCTS Biospecimens Core



Cell Sorting

Cellular Biochemistry





Center for Academic and Tutorial Services

Center for Academic Resources and Enrichment Services

Center for Advanced Training and Simulation

Center for Aluminum Technology

Center for American Music, John Jacob Niles

Center for Applied Energy Research

Center for Biomedical Engineering

Center for Business and Economic Research

Center for Clinical and Translational Science

Center for Community Outreach

Center for Computational Sciences

Center for Drug Abuse Research Translation

Center for Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior

Center for English as a Second Language

Center for Entrepreneurship, Von Allmen

Center for Excellence in Rural Health

Center for Innovation in Math and Science Education, UK/Lexmark

Center for Instructional Communication

Center for Interprofessional Healthcare Education, Research, and Practice

Center for Literacy Development

Center for Manufacturing

Center for Microelectrode Technology

Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery

Center for Muscle Biology

Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering

Center for Pharmaceutical Science and Technology

Center for Poverty Research

Center for Professional Development

Center for Public Health Systems and Services Research

Center for Research on Violence Against Women

Center for Rural Development

Center for School Safety, Kentucky

Center for Sensor Technology

Center for Structural Biology

Center for Sustainable Cities

Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education

Center for the Advancement of

Center for the Advancement of Pharmacy Practice

Center for the Advancement of Women's Health

Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching

Center for the Environment, Tracy Farmer

Center for Visualization and Virtual Environments

Center of Biomedical Research Excellence in Women's Health

Center of Excellence in Public Health Workforce Research and Policy

Center of Membrane Sciences

Center of Research in Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease

Center On Aging Foundation

Center On Aging, Sanders-Brown

Center on Drug and Alcohol Research

Center on Trauma and Children

Center Theater

Center, Asia

Center, Chellgren

Central Advising Service

Central Kentucky Education Cooperative

Central Kentucky Experiment Station

Central Kentucky Farms

Central Kentucky Japanese School

Central Kentucky Medical Services

Central Kentucky Regional Science and Engineering Fair

Certification, Teacher


Chamber Music Society of Central Kentucky

Cheerleading Squad

Chellgren Center for Undergraduate Excellence

Chemical and Materials Engineering

Chemical Engineering


Chemistry-Physics Building

Chief Medical Office

Child Development Center of the Bluegrass

Child Protection, Quality Improvement Center for

Children's Hospital, Kentucky

Children, Center on Trauma and


Chinese Studies

Choral Ensembles



Christian County Cooperative Extension Office

CIO Practicum

Circulation Policies, Libraries

Citations, Parking

Civil Engineering

Clark Building

Clark Building, Thomas D.

Clark County Cooperative Extension Office

Clark Study

Class Listserv Lists

Class Schedules


Classroom Building, White Hall

Classroom Scheduling

Classroom Scheduling (Medical Center)

Classrooms, Lexington Campus

Clay County Cooperative Extension Office

Clinic (Salvation Army)

Clinic, Kentucky

Clinic, Kentucky South

Clinic, Legal

Clinic, Polk-Dalton

Clinic, UK HealthCare East

Clinical and Reproductive Sciences

Clinical and Translational Science, Center for

Clinical Engineering

Clinical Lab

Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Clinical Laboratory, Hospital

Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Trials

Clinical Voice Center

Clinton County Cooperative Extension Office

Club at Spindletop Hall

Club Sports


Coal Ash, World of


Code of Conduct

Coldstream Farm

Coldstream Laboratories Inc.

Coldstream Research Campus

Coliseum, Memorial

Collaborative Center for Literacy Development


Collections, Digital Scholarship, and Technical Services Division

College of Business and Economics

College Business Management Institute

College Corner

College of Agriculture Alumni Programs

College of Agriculture Total Personnel Applications Web System

College of Agriculture, Food, and Environment

College of Allied Health Professions (now Health Sciences)

College of Arts and Sciences

College of Arts and Sciences Alumni Programs

College of Communication and Information

College of Dentistry

College of Design

College of Education

College of Engineering

College of Engineering Alumni Programs

College of Fine Arts

College of Health Sciences

College of Law

College of Law Alumni Programs

College of Medicine

College of Medicine Alumni Programs

College of Nursing

College of Pharmacy

College of Public Health

College of Social Work


Colorectal Surgery

Comic Book Periodic Table of Elements

Commencement Information

Commercialization and Economic Development

Common Data Set

Common Market, Academic

Commons Market

Commonwealth Collaboratives

Commonwealth Stadium


Communication Consulting Center, Multimodal

Communication Disorders

Communication Disorders Program

Communication Sciences and Disorders

Communication, Instructional

Communications and Information Studies, College of

Communications and Network Systems

Communications Graduate Student Association

Community and Economic Development (Agriculture)

Community and Leadership Development

Community and Technical Colleges

Community Outreach

Community-Based Faculty Initiative

Compass Placement Testing



Comprehensive Breast Care Center

Computational Sciences, Center for

Computer Accounts, Student

Computer Architecture Laboratory

Computer Engineering, Electrical and

Computer Operations

Computer Science

Computer Science Laboratory

Computer Security

Computer Training, Administrative

Computer Training, Basic

Computing Center

Computing Labs

Computing Policies

Computing Services

Computing, High-Performance

Concert Band

Conference Housing

Confocal Microscopy [Imaging Facility]

Confucius Institute

Connect Kentucky

Conservation Measures, Energy

Construction Projects

Consultation and Psychological Services

Content Management System (Drupal)

Contingency Planning (IT)

Continuing Education, Healthcare

Continuing Education, Nursing

Continuum of Care Services

Controller (Treasurer)

Cool Cats Hockey

Cooling Services, Heating and

Cooper Building

Cooperative Extension Service

Copier Services

Core Curriculum

Core, UK

Corporate Compliance Program

Cost Accounting

Cost Accounting Standards

Council of Endowed Professors and Chairs

Council on Aging

Council on Postsecondary Education

Counsel, Legal

Counseling Center

Course Catalog

Course Descriptions

Course Evaluations

Course Guides (Library Resources)

Course Reserves Search (Libraries)


Creative Graphics and Web Design

Credit Union

Crisis Communication Plan Summary

Crisis Management and Preparedness

Crisis Relief In Situations Involving Staff

Critical Care Services

Crittenden County Cooperative Extension Office

Crop Diversification and Biofuel Research and Education Center

Crop Opportunities Center, New

Cross County


CT Scans

Cultural Center, Martin Luther King, Jr.

Cultural Diversity Festival

Cumberland County Cooperative Extension Office

Current News

Curriculum and Instruction

Curriculum, Core

Custodial Services

Customer Service Center (IT)

Cytogenetic Testing, Equine

Cytogenetics Laboratory

Cytology Laboratory

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