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Saddle Seat Team

Safe Kids Coalition

Safety (UKHC)

Safety, Environmental Health and

Sal-Site - Axolotl Salamanders

Salvation Army Clinic

Samaritan Hospital

Sanborn Maps of Kentucky

Sanders-Brown Center on Aging

Sanders-Brown Center on Aging Foundation


Saturday School, Japanese


Schedules, Class

Scheduling, Classroom

Scholars in Engineering and Management

Scholars, First

Scholarships, Academic

Scholarships, External

School Collaboration

School of Art and Visual Studies

School of Human Environmental Sciences

School of Interiors

School of Journalism and Telecommunications

School of Library and Information Science

School of Management

School of Music

Science and Engineering Fair, Central Kentucky Regional

Science and Engineering Library

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education


Scott County Cooperative Extension Office

Scovell Hall


Search UK

Seaton Center

Security, IT

See Blue

Self Study

Senate, Staff

Senate, University

Service Building

Service Desk (IT)

Service Line Marketing


Services, Faculty and Staff

Severe Weather Preparedness

Severe Weather Procedures



Sheep Research and Education

Sheep Unit

Shelby County Cooperative Extension Office

Shuttles and Buses, Campus

Sign Services, Paint, Glass and

Simpson County Cooperative Extension Office

Singletary Center for the Arts

Singletary Center for the Arts Tickets

Sleep Disorders Center

Small Business Development Center, Kentucky

Smoking Policy


Snow Day Procedures

Social Research, Quantitative Initiative for Policy and

Social Theory

Social Theory Journal - disClosure

Social Work Training Resource Center

Social Work, College of

Social, Natural, and Agricultural Resources Laboratory

Society of 1865



Software Download

Soil and Water Biogeochemistry Laboratory

Soil Chemistry

Soil Sciences, Plant and

Somerset Community College

Sophomore Source


Southeast Center for Agricultural Health and Injury Prevention

Southeast Community and Technical College

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

Southern Regional Electronic Campus

Southern Regional Quality Improvement Center for Child Protection

Spanish Languages and Literature (Hispanic Studies)

Special Collections Research Center

Special Collections Research Center, Breckinridge Research Room

Special Education Counseling

Speech Language Pathology

Speech Services

Speed Sort Codes

Spencer County Cooperative Extension Office

SPIFi - Sponsored Project Information Files

Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Research Center

Spindletop Farm

Spindletop Hall

Sponsored Project Information Files - SPIFi

Sponsored Projects Administration

Sport Leadership

Sports Clubs

Sports Marketing Academy

Sports Medicine

Sports Schedules

Spring Break


Staff Appreciation Day

Staff Education - Chandler Hospital

Staff Handbook (PDF)

Staff Representative to Board of Trustees

Staff Senate

Staff Services

Standards and Guidelines, Web



Statistics Laboratory, Applied

Stem Cell Laboratory

STEM Education

Stoa Consortium

Storage Retrieval Services - Library Collections

Storage Retrieval Services, Library


Stores Supply Center

Storm Ready

Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning

Stroke Program

Student Account Services

Student Activities Board

Student Affairs

Student Affairs, Medical

Student Center

Student Center Food Court

Student Center Food Services

Student Center Ticket Office

Student Code

Student Computer Accounts

Student Computing Services

Student Diversity and Enrichment Services, Health Center

Student Employment

Student Financial Aid

Student Government Association

Student Health Services

Student Identification

Student Involvement

Student Laptop Loan Program

Student Newspaper (Kernel)

Student Organizations

Student orientation

Student Public Interest Law Foundation

Student Research Programs

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Student Services

Student Services, Adult

Student Services, Off-Campus

Student Success

Student Support Services

Student TV

Student Web Server

Student-Access Information System

Student-run Free Clinic

Students, Dean of

Study Abroad

Study, Academic Enhancement in The

Study, The

Sturgill Development Building

Style Guide

Subject, Research Guides by

Substance Education and Responsibility

Success, Academic

Suggestion Program

Sullivan Award/Medallion

Summer Advising Conferences

Summer Conference Housing

Summer Environmental Writing Program

Summer School

Superfund Basic Research Program

SuperVision Supervisory Training

Supply Chain, Marketing and


Surgery Education

Surgery Publications

Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive

Surgery, Colorectal

Surgery, Endocrine

Surgery, General

Surgery, Orthopaedics

Surgery, Otolaryngology - Head and Neck

Surgery, Pediatric

Surgery, Transplant

Surgery, Vascular and Endovascular

Surgical Oncology

Surgical Skills Laboratory

Surplus Property

Survey Research Center


Sustainability, Systems Thinking for

Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Working Group

Sustainable Cities, Center for

Sustainable Machining Research Laboratory

Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainable Manufacturing, Institute for



Swimming Pools

Swine Flu

Swine Research and Education

Swine Unit

Symphony Orchestra

Symposium in Reproductive Sciences

Systems Programming Group

Systems Thinking for Sustainability

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