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Radiation Medicine

Radiation Safety

Radiation Sciences

Radio Eye

Radio, WRFL

Radio, WUKY

Radioactive Drug Research Committee


Radiology - Kentucky Clinic

Rapid Prototyping

Rasdall Art Gallery

Raymond Barnhart Gallery

Raymond Building


Reading Recovery

Real Estate Services

Real Property

Reconstructive Surgery, Plastic and

Records Management Program (Universtiy Archives)

Recreation Swim Hours

Recreation, Campus

Recycling Program

Refer - Employee Assistance

Reference Help, Library

Reference Services (Young Library)

Refractive Surgery Service

Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and


Registration Windows

Regulations Library

Regulatory Services

Rehabilitation Counseling

Rehabilitation Medicine

Rehabilitation Sciences

Rehabilitation Services

Replacement Diploma

Reporting, IT

Reproductive Sciences, Clinical and


Research and Data Management Center

Research and Education Center - Princeton

Research and Engagement for Advancing Community Health

Research Centers and Core Facilities

Research Challenge Trust Fund

Research Communications

Research Computing

Research Consultation Request

Research Financial Services

Research Foundation

Research Guides by Subject

Research Guides, Libraries

Research Help

Research in Computing for Humanities

Research in Equine and Agricultural Disciplines Club

Research Information Services

Research Integrity

Research on Violence Against Women

Research Support, Faculty

Research, Vice President for

Research, Nursing

Research, Pharmacy

Research, Undergraduate

Reserves, Course (Libraries)

Residence hall network - ResNet

Residence Life

Residency Policy

Residential Dining Services

Residential Research Facility (Behavioral Science)


Resource Efficiency

Resource Management (Provost)


Restorative Dentistry

Resume Assistance (Students)

Retail Dining Services

Retention, Records

Retiree Benefits


Retrieval Services, Library Storage


Review Board, Institutional



Rheumatology, Pediatric

riatric Education Center, OVAR


Risk Management

Risk Sciences

Robertson County Cooperative Extension Office

Robinson Center for Appalachian Resource Sustainability

Robinson Forest

Robinson Scholars

Robotics and Manufacturing

Rockcastle County Cooperative Extension Office

Rodent Behavior Core

Ronald McDonald House

Room Scheduling, Academic

Room Scheduling, Meeting

ROTC, Air Force

ROTC, Army

Rottgering-Kuegel Agricultural Research and Extension Building

Rowan County Cooperative Extension Office

Ruminant Research and Education

Rupp Arena

Rural Health, Center for

Rural Physician Leadership Program

Rural Sociology Graduate Program

Russell County Cooperative Extension Office


Russian Studies

Résumé Assistance

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