Utilities and Energy Management

Anderson Solar Array
Team Photo from November 2016
CHP Boiler Install
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What We Do

The Utilities and Energy Management Division (UEM) is responsible for producing and delivering utilities throughout the UK campus. We strive to provide seamless utility service guided by our performance metrics:

  • Safety
  • Environment
  • Reliability
  • Efficiency
  • Cost Effectiveness

UEM has 77 employees in six campus locations. The locations are the Central Heating Plant, Cooling Plant #1, Cooling Plant #2, Campus Utilities Plant, Medical Center Plant, and the Peterson Building. The utility plants can produce 51,000 tons of cooling and 1,010,000 lbs per hour of heating steam. In addition, UEM manages three high voltage substations with a total electric capacity of 155 Megawatts. Utilities and Energy Management is also responsible for natural gas, domestic water, renewable energy and sanitary and storm sewers.

The cost to provide utilities to the campus is substantial. The annual UEM budget is about $60 million. Thus, UEM has an active and innovative team of energy conservation professionals searching for ways to reduce energy usage and costs throughout the campus.