Energy Management

  • Delta Center is a 24/7 command center that provides both analytics to Facilities Systems campus wide providing excellent customer service, energy management, triage of control challenges and communication to management of critical/emergency campus wide situations and events.
  • The skilled team in the Delta Center operates and monitors building systems and often identifies problems before they arise or are known to occupants.
  • Ensure continuous operations throughout our UK Campus for building equipment controls (including health care, athletics, research and building safety systems).
  • They provide sequence information to field staff for building systems all over campus including hospitals, research buildings and classroom buildings.
  • Number of Work Orders: 1500 Annually
  • Number of Projects: 100 Annually
  • Number of Delta Center Completed Calls:  26,000 Annually

FY-21 Recharge: $1.08M

Building Automation Systems (BAS)


  • A smart campus uses network infrastructure and internet-connected devices to provide engaging experiences. It joins people, devices, and applications together in order to make insightful, data-driven decisions to improve security, functionality and efficiency.  Smart campuses use the internet of things (IoT) to collect, send, and make decisions based on data collected via web devices connected to sensors, software and network infrastructure hardware.  Building Automation Systems and Analytics software provide the structure and architecture needed for a smart campus. 
  • The University of Kentucky‚Äôs building automation system serves as a backbone for this infrastructure.
    • 5393 devices
    • 394,272 points
    • 17,710,862 links
    • 54,708 histories
    • 207 Schedules