Financial Information

Recharge Rates

UK uses electricity, fuel (natural gas, fuel oil, coal), domestic water, and sewer to generate high pressure steam and produce chilled water. All other services are only distributed.


In order to create a flat monthly overhead rate, chilled water and steam rates are calculated yearly and adjusted as necessary on a semiannual basis. All other commodities are naturally adjusted on a monthly basis using their respective utility bills.


FY 21-22 OH % & Recharged Rates

Steam:   $15.92 rounded up to $16

Chilled Water:  $16.01 rounded down to $16

Electricity:    26.50%

Natural Gas:    3.00%

Water:    10.75%

Sewer:    11.00%


August 2021 Recharged Rates

Steam:   $16

Chilled Water:  $16

Electricity:    Loop - $0.084612/kwh & Misc - $0.1452/kwh

Natural Gas:    Loop - $6.3032/mcf; Plant - $3.0285/mcf; Misc - $14.10/mcf

Water:    Loop - $0.04935829/ccf; Misc - $0.06250/ccf

Sewer:    Loop - $0.08248675/ccf; Misc - $0.09483/ccf



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Commodities - $33M

Operations & Maintenance - $22M

Labor & Benefits - $7M

Large Capital Expenses are funded outside of UEM Operating Budget (i.e. Plant Expansion)