Utilities & Commodities

Regulated Utilities are provided by local utilities whose rates are determined by the Public Service Commission.

  • Domestic Water - commodity provided and distributed by Kentucky American Water
  • Electric Commodity is provided and distributed by Kentucky Utilities 
  • Natural Gas Distribution provided by Columbia Gas of Kentucky
  • Sanitary & Storm provided by Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government


Unregulated Utilities & commodities can be procured on the open market through a licensed marketer. However, distribution of these commodities are provided by a local distribution company (LDC).

  • Natural Gas Commodity provided by Constellation Energy

  • Fuel Oil has various providers

  • Coal has various providers


UEM produces steam and chilled water on campus to provide heating, cooling, and process needs to the University community. Below is a schematic that illustrates how all of these commodities work together to keep campus humming.