70th Anniversary of Integration, Trevor Noah


“On August 30, the University will hold an opening assembly to launch a year-long series of events commemorating an important UK milestone: 70 years of racial integration. This assembly will set the tone for many conversations across our campus that will provide time for us to reflect on who we are as a community committed to maintaining a place where everyone can belong and where every voice matters. An important part of the crucial dialogue we will have over the next year is the opportunity to reflect on our past, engage with our present, and build for our future. 

During this opening assembly, we are very proud to present an honorary doctorate to Dr. Doris Wilkinson, a pioneering alumnae who was one of the first African American undergraduate students in UK's College of Social Work and an irreplaceable advocate, scholar, and longtime UK faculty member. Dr. Wilkinson's leadership and courage certainly adds to a legacy started by Lyman T. Johnson when he stepped foot on our campus as the first black student seven decades ago. We also look forward to contributions from Trevor Noah, host of Comedy Central's The Daily Show. Drawing on his perspectives as a social commentator and author of Born A Crime, a national bestselling autobiography focused on themes of racial justice and resilience, Noah will provide new dimensions and unique perspectives that will engage audience members and add to an overall dialogue. We recognize this event and Noah's contributions to it as integral parts of who are as a University committed to fostering belonging for all and critically engaging with many diverse perspectives and experiences.”



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