Campus Mental Health


“This year [2018-19], we served 24% more students than ever before, and 52% more than our five-year average.  We have served more than twice as many students as we did six years ago and prior.

This year [2018-19], we provided 11% more attended appointments than the previous maximum, and 36% more than our five-year average.  Relaxation room utilization is a significant addition to this year’s appointments (1400). We now provide more than twice the attended appointments as six years ago and prior.

To date we have provided about 4% fewer outreaches than our maximum last year, but remain 33% ahead of our five-year average.  A significant portion of that increase is due to the inclusion of Let’s Talk.

Crises this year were consistent with our four-year average (a labeling change was made four years ago when we moved to same-day Initial Assessments). Consultations have been significantly higher, up 52% on the five-year average, and 13% over last year.

We continue to serve a greater percentage of historically-underserved students than are represented in the student body in the areas of race, international status, and first-generation status.  Representation in the student body of other areas listed here are not readily available.” – University of Kentucky Counseling Center



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