Campus Renovation and Revitalization Efforts

Campus Modernization



Reynolds Building


The recapturing and reimagining of Reynolds will:

  1. Consolidate the College of Design units into one complex. It currently is spread across several buildings. A single complex will foster collaboration and improve instruction
  2. Improve and enhance a historic structure along a key transportation corridor into the city
  3. Enable the college to grow its student population and contemplate new programs and majors directly responsive to workforce needs in the state
  4. Align with larger institutional goals to increase the number of graduates and expand service and research efforts

How will the vacated space be used?

  1. Pence Hall will be reprogrammed to address part of the space shortage across the campus core. The facility has not been programmed yet.

What will be changed about the building?

  1. The facility is still in a terrible condition, and it will take a lot to transform it.  At the time, we simply felt the best option for the Fine Arts Visual Studies Department was the building on Bolivar, which has proven to be a great space for student instruction and success. Now, as we envision the next 2-5 years, we are taking a second look at the Reynolds Building.
  2. Recapturing and reimagining a historic structure meets one of our key goals in campus transformation efforts: extending the life, where possible, of historic structures
  3. Its location near the heart of the city and along what is now a major entry point into the city increases its value and central importance to both UK and the community.