United Campus Workers of Kentucky

Statement 5/12/2021

“We look forward to continuing our work with the university’s elected faculty, staff and student leaders on our shared goals for progress. It has been a challenging year, but in many ways a remarkable one. Our community is safe and healthy. The large majority of our campus community has been vaccinated. And we are working to craft a budget for the coming year that will help staff most in need and make strategic investments in the continued success of our students, who already are graduating at record levels.” – Jay Blanton

Statement 9/17/2020:

The health, safety and well-being of our campus community – students, faculty and staff – comes first. Units and departments have, for example, been instructed to provide flexibility to employees with respect to work arrangements and they are doing so. Dr. Birx, in her visit to campus earlier this week, applauded the rigor and comprehensiveness of our testing and screening programs, led by our Health Corps. We are continually relying on the guidance of our START team of health professionals to determine steps with respect to issues such as testing and other protocols. Data and science will inform and drive our decisions. – Jay Blanton