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Fall 2015 UKC course descriptions:

UKC 100 – Lens Art [Intellectual Inquiry - Arts & Creativity]
UKC 100 is an introductory course in digital image making that focuses on the still and moving image as an art practice.  Students will learn the fundamentals of camera operation and still and moving image editing software in order to build an individualized portfolio.  Students will be introduced to contemporary lens arts practice through research and assignments.

UKC 130 – Food Fight: Public Health and Nutrition in the 21st Century [Inquiry - Social Sciences]
Linked to many of the biggest health challenges of our time - heart disease, diabetes, cancers, and more - overeating represents one of the leading preventable causes of premature death, both domestically and increasingly around the globe.  Understanding why people overeat requires an understanding of how our food gets to us and the political forces shaping our food system.

UKC 180 – Civic Engagement 101 [U.S. Citizenship] - Restricted to students in the LexEngaged residential living learning community
This course introduces students to ideas, concepts and notions of civic engagement as a democratic ideal. Students will consider the opportunities and obstacles which enhance and impede engagement, attentive to past and present unequal access to democratic participation.  Equipped with a conceptual frame for thinking about what it means to be an engaged citizen, mindful of imbalanced access to democratic participation, students will be challenged to assess their own prospects for being active citizens.  Students, therefore, will ponder civic engagement abstractly, but also through their experiences as members of a classroom, campus, and city.  Civic engagement will be applied to day-to-day lives.  Through course readings, discussions, guest speakers, and off-campus tours, students will obtain a fundamental understanding of the larger community in which they live - Lexington.  In grasping the multi-faceted character of Lexington, students should leave LexEngaged able to encounter any American city as an engaged community member.

UKC 330 – Hip Hop Videos and Hardee's Commercials: The Social Psychology of Stereotypes in Media [Inquiry - Social Sciences]
This seminar course is designed to enrich your understanding of the social psychology of stereotypes. We will focus on the positive and negative stereotypes associated with race/ethnicity, gender, nationality, and religion. To explore stereotypes in popular media, we will read and discuss empirical research within social psychology about stereotyping, prejudice, and group identity and we will watch movies, music videos, television shows, and commercials that discuss or portray stereotypes. We will link what we are  watching within popular media with what we can learn from research.