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Fall 2014 UKC course descriptions:

UKC 101 – Information Literacy & Critical Thinking [Inquiry - Arts & Creativity]
Emphasizing critical inquiry and critical thinking through creativity, this course will explore the theories and definitions surrounding the term "information literacy."  Students will put this theory into practice by developing problem-solving skills that allow them to meet information and knowledge function in society and will discover methods of finding, accessing, evaluating, and using different information sources in an effective and ethical manner by engaging in creative assignments throughout the semester.

UKC 110 – Why Do We Love Facebook? Social Media: Theory, Culture, Politics, Practice [Inquiry - Humanities]
In this course, we will explore the complexity of social media and its cultural, political, economic, and personal effects. We will study online argumentation, visual writing, affective thinking, participation, social networking, and transmedia storytelling - all of which are features social media engage with in order to be successful.

UKC 112 – Arches to Engines: A History of Technology [Inquiry - Humanities]
The course will be organized thematically around a few key technological developments from the ancient to the early modern world. Each one gives us an opportunity to consider these issues in depth. It is also a course that makes use of recent technological developments for the classroom. Online reading and writing will be an integral part of this course. Because the history of technology is closely related to physical objects, we will also spend time in several classes engaged in hands-on projects, experimenting with the technologies that we are studying.

UKC 130 – Food Fight: Public Health and Nutrition in the 21st Century [Inquiry - Social Sciences]
Linked to many of the biggest health challenges of our time – heart disease, diabetes, cancers, and more – overeating represents one of the leading preventable causes of premature death, both domestically and increasingly around the globe. Understanding why people overeat requires an understanding of how our food gets to us and the political forces shaping our food system.

UKC 382 – The Rhetorics of Citizenship [U.S. Citizenship]
In The Rhetorics of Citizenship, we will explore how rhetoric has shaped evolving notions of U.S. citizenship. We will examine historical case studies ranging from early 20th century labor disputes, women’s suffrage, McCarthyism, integration, to the Black Power Movement in order to learn how different communities reimagined and defined their status as citizens. We will read iconic texts and speeches from these periods along with contextual works to better understand the exigencies which led to the conflicts. Written assignments and ancillary readings will help students connect historical debates with modern concepts of citizenship.