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Fall 2016 UKC course descriptions:

UKC 100 – Lens Art [Intellectual Inquiry - Arts & Creativity]
UKC 100 is an introductory course in digital image making that focuses on the still and moving image as an art practice.  Students will learn the fundamentals of camera operation and still and moving image editing software in order to build an individualized portfolio.  Students will be introduced to contemporary lens arts practice through research and assignments.

UKC 110 – Introduction to Collegiate Life [Intellectual Inquiry - Humanities]
The goal of the course is two-part. First, students emerge with a better sense of the range of inquiry in the arts and sciences, allowing them to focus on their interests and further develop their concentration of study. However, these experiences are applied to a second goal of the course: students will be able to articulate the public benefit of integrated, residential learning for society, by working with the faculty fellows to better understand the role of a well-rounded individual. This is a required course for all incoming freshmen students in Roselle, A Wired Residential College.

UKC 180 – Currents: 2016 Election [U.S. Citizenship] 
Utilizing an innovative classroom design and extensive multi-media resources, the class will focus on the upcoming presidential election by exploring essential features of American democracy and the key challenges our nation faces on election day. The last third of the class will look back on the election after the results are known and look forward to the policy implications for the future. The class will draw widely from diverse humanities and social science disciplines, exploring current political, social, and cultural divisions and discourses from a wide range of angles.  

UKC 181 – Civic Engagement 101 [U.S. Citizenship] 
This course introduces students to ideas, concepts and notions of civic engagement as a democratic ideal.  It is designed for residents of LexEngaged residential living learning community.  Students will consider the opportunities and obstacles which enhance and impede engagement, attentive to past and present unequal access to democratic participation.  Equipped with a conceptual frame for thinking about what it means to be an engaged citizen, mindful of imbalanced access to democratic participation, students will be challenged to assess their own prospects for being active citizens.  Students, therefore, will ponder civic engagement abstractly, but also through their experiences as members of a classroom, campus, and city.  Civic engagement will be applied to day-to-day lives.  Through course readings, discussions, guest speakers, and off-campus tours, students will obtain a fundamental understanding of the larger community in which they live - Lexington.  In grasping the multi-faceted character of Lexington, students should leave LexEngaged able to encounter any American city as an engaged community member.

UKC 190 – Introduction to International Studies [Global Dynamics] 
An introduction to the interdisciplinary field of International Studies, including the main thematic emphases and approaches that characterize the field and the International Studies major at the University of Kentucky. Emphasis is placed on the relations between people and places across the globe. Students will be exposed to a variety of theories and methods that help in understanding the challenges that face people and nations in the global milieu. Furthermore, this course explores theoretical foundations for analyzing the ways in which the world's economies, politics, and societies change. The course will explore key global issues through different perspectives, using concepts drawn from the social sciences and the humanities. Case studies will be used selectively to allow students to develop skills in critical analysis of international phenomena and processes, and to strengthen the ability to bring an international perspective to bear on key issues.