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Spring 2015 UKC course descriptions:

UKC 130 – Historic Preservation: How the Past Informs the Future [Inquiry - Social Sciences]
An introduction to the theory and practice of historic preservation in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and beyond. The approach will be through an interdisciplinary lens, including architecture, interiors, history, urban planning, archaeology, geography, economic development, and community engagement.

UKC 300 – BioArt: Creativity, Experimentation and Methodology in Art and Science [Inquiry - Arts & Creativity]
This seminar seeks to create a robust cross-disciplinary dialouge, while exposing student to scientific and artistic techniques outside of their traditional contexts. In this creative and fertile environment, emphasis will be placed on development of the artistic production frameworks that engage with scientific tools and on the importance of creative thinking to exploration of scientific problems.

UKC 380 – Issues in Information and Communication Technology Policy [U.S. Citizenship]
This course introduces students to the legal, political, and ethical issues confronting today's information professionals and the subsequent impact of these issues on information and communication technology (ICT) policy and law development.  The rapidly evolving ICT infrastructure and the global shift to an information society will provide the context for the course.  Emphasis will be placed on: organizational policy development, information ethics, computer ethics, freedom of speech and expression online, information filtering, intellectual property, cyber law, and pertinent legal and political acts related to the present information and communication infrastructure.