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Spring 2015 UKC course descriptions:

UKC 100 – Lens Art [Intellectual Inquiry - Arts & Creativity]
UKC 100 is an introductory course in digital image making that focuses on the still and moving image as an art practice.  Students will learn the fundamentals of camera operation and still and moving image editing software in order to build an individualized portfolio.  Students will be introduced to contemporary lens arts practice through research and assignments.

UKC 110 – Global Shakespeare [Intellectual Inquiry - Humanities]
Global Shakespeare will expose students to selected producions and adaptations of the plays by authors and acting companies from Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the Americas, and from European nations other than Great Britain.  In our globally-connected age, Shakespeare has crossed borders, occupying an honored place in the school curricula and cultural aspirations of many formerly colonized nations.  In a postcolonial age, he has become the medium through which multiple cultures articulate their own values and enter into intellectual and aesthetic exchange with the English-speaking west.  Students in the course will be asked to ponder what there is about Shakespeare that makes his plays such rich raw material for these encounters and exchanges.  What are the implications of Shakespeare's having become a global property, and what happens when he is reproduced in terms that derive from non-western, non-white, and non-Christian cultures?

UKC 130 – Historic Preservation: How the Past Informs the Future [Inquiry - Social Sciences]
An introduction to the theory and practice of historic preservation in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and beyond. The approach will be through an interdisciplinary lens, including architecture, interiors, history, urban planning, archaeology, geography, economic development, and community engagement.

UKC 180 – Food Ethics [U.S. Citizenship]
Food Ethics aims to give students an informed overview of how our food choices can impact us as ethical agents and responsible members of a community and society. We will investigate where our food comes from, what defines a food culture, how our food production systems impact the environment, and what moral considerations these concerns entail. This course fulfills the UK General Education Requirement: Community, Culture and Citizenship in the USA.

UKC 300 – BioArt: Creativity, Experimentation and Methodology in Art and Science [Inquiry - Arts & Creativity]
This seminar seeks to create a robust cross-disciplinary dialouge, while exposing student to scientific and artistic techniques outside of their traditional contexts. In this creative and fertile environment, emphasis will be placed on development of the artistic production frameworks that engage with scientific tools and on the importance of creative thinking to exploration of scientific problems.

UKC 380 – Information Communication Technology in Society [U.S. Citizenship]
This course studies the impacts of information and communication technology (ICT) on individuals and society.  It examines current issues related to the flow of information in society, including the impact of technology and the development of the information economy.  The role of the information profession within the context of information society issues is also explored.