Creating an Online Form

Online forms need to be easy for developers to create and web visitors to use.

To create and publish the online form that best fits your needs, follow these steps:

  1. Determine the best format for your online form

    The University supports six formats for creating and publishing forms online: HTML, Acrobat, Word, Excel, AnyForm, and FileForm script forms. If you are unsure which format is best for your oline form, review the common questions page to determine the best solution.

  2. Develop and publish your online form

    Follow the links below to find instructions and support options for the form format you havve selected:

  3. Publicize your online form

    Forms should be added to the University of Kentucky eForms web site, located at www.uky.edu/eforms/

    Complete the 'Adding a Form' online form.

    • This will insure easy access to all University forms from one central location.
    • The forms may be kept on departmental servers and linked from the eForms site, or kept in the eForms site directory.
    • The department is responsible for maintaining an archived original document of each form on departmental servers or sending an original document to the eForms directory every time the form is updated.
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