Air Quality


As a leader within the Commonwealth in environmental stewardship, the University of Kentucky strives for exemplary compliance with all local, state, and federal environmental regulations in order to create a clean and healthy campus where faculty, staff, students, and visitors can thrive. This includes maintaining compliance with the University’s permits and programs resulting from the Clean Air Act which limits the amount of air emissions allowed in the ambient air in order to protect public health and welfare; reduces the amount and type of refrigerant released to protect the ozone layer; and reduces greenhouse gases which trap heat in the atmosphere.  See below to learn more about our individual ambient air quality program areas.

Permit Required Operations

Before operations or activities that could emit an impurity into the ambient air are allowed, the State must review and approve the project to determine the type and amount of emissions. If approved, the State will issue a permit or guidance underlining the conditions that must be taken by UK to comply with State and EPA Federal Regulations. Find out more about the permitting process and steps you must take before emitting such things as smoke, dust, combustibles, fumes, and gases.

Refrigerant Management Program

UK’s Refrigerant Management Program establishes requirements for appliances containing ozone depleting substances (ODS) or non-ODS substances necessary to comply with State and EPA Federal Regulations. Learn your obligations before installing, working with, or disposing of equipment that contains refrigerants or buying or selling refrigerant cylinders. 

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions

As a university that operates steam generating boilers, we inventory and report GHG data on those sources to comply with EPA Federal Regulations. Further, UK inventories emissions from seven additional sources as an on-going commitment to reduce emissions to 25% below 2010 levels by 2025. Find out more about UK’s obligations and efforts regarding GHG emission reductions and how you can help.

Other Air Quality Related Issues

For other air related issues not covered on this page such an indoor air quality, fume hoods, asbestos abatement, or fire codes please click here for redirection to the appropriate office and contact.  In addition to the Offices of the Fire Marshall and Occupational Health & Safety, open burning and Fume Hoods are also addressed in the ‘Permit Required Operations’ location.