Permit Required Operations


The Clean Air Act requires businesses to address emissions released into the air, measure their quantity, and have a permit which details allowable emissions and the monitoring, recordkeeping, and reporting requirements of the emissions.  The Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet, Division for Air Quality (KyDAQ), is tasked with administering those permits. 

All stationary air emission sources owned and operated at UK’s Main Campus are contained in a Title V construction and operating permit.  UK’s Environmental Quality Management Department provides consultation to UK-Facilities Management Department regarding regulatory compliance.    Detailed information about UK’s permit obligations as well as air quality information, other useful resources, and training are located on the following pages.


UK Permit

Detailed information about the current stationary source permit and recordkeeping, monitoring, and reporting requirements applicable to UK for compliance.

Air Quality 101

Find out more about air quality permitted activities and if you need a permit before you begin construction.

Educational Resources

Find out more about the agencies which regulate our ambient air and what they do to improve our air quality.