Asbestos is the name that has been used to refer to a variety of naturally occurring minerals all of which have unique properties that made them useful to include in various products and building materials. However, when these products or materials become damaged or are mismanaged such that asbestos fibers become airborne and are inhaled, serious adverse health impacts can result. The pages below provide the most current information about UK policies as well as professional standards and governmental agency requirements designed to ensure protection against exposure to asbestos.

Program Overview & Hazard Awareness

Discover the basics of asbestos-containing materials management at UK, learn about some of the common materials that may contain asbestos as well as safe management principals.

Assessments and Abatement

In most circumstances, the Environmental Quality Management Department has the responsibility of conducting assessments to investigate the occurrence of asbestos. It is also charged with the responsibility of coordinating abatement projects.

Awareness Training

One of the foundational aspects of avoiding exposure to asbestos fibers is to ensure people are properly informed of its occurrence and the specific management practices that have been adopted.