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EPA Bans Most Uses of Methylene Chloride
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is finalizing a rule to address the unreasonable risk of injury to health presented by methylene chloride under its conditions of use. This final rule is effective on July 8, 2024. EPA will also host a public webinar to explain what is in the final rule and how it will be implemented. The agency will announce the date and time in the coming weeks and more information will be provided on this and other EHS websites in time as well.

July 2024 Compliance Reminders

CR 23-03 - Aerosol cans were recently added as a category recognized under the Universal Waste Rule

CR 23-02 - Liquids are prohibited from being disposed of in regular trash. Used paint should be recycled or submit through etrax for disposal. 

CR 23-01 - The annual operating time limits for the emergency generator engines are specific to the different situations the engine operates under.