Our Core Values

Spotlight on the UK Environment

Air Emission Controls
UK operates four boilers with emission controls to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emitted into the air. The controls are low NOx burners designed to reduce formation through the control of fuel and air ratios.
Crowdsourcing and Water Quality Protection
UK is utilizing GIS and crowdsourcing to protect campus stormwater quality. Through the collaboration of UK Information Technology Services and Environmental Quality Management an innovative reporting tool is available for reporting inadvertent and unallowed discharges to the campus stormwater system.

February 2023 Compliance Reminders

CR-22-01 - UK demonstrates air quality compliance through various reports compiled by UK Environmental Quality Management (EQM).

CR 21-04 - UK must receive State approval before constructing any operation that would emit an impurity into the air.

CR 21-03 - It is required that all containers of hazardous waste be labeled with the words “Hazardous Waste” clearly visible.