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As the Fall semester and 2023 come to a close in a short while, the Environmental Quality Management Department remains committed to serving the University with our dedicated and experienced staff of professionals.  So whether you need compliance consultation with one of our team members or assistance in managing hazardous/special waste, click on the appropriate Programs and Services link on the left for more information or use the Contact Information link to communicate directly with the most appropriate EQM staff for your needs.

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December 2023 Compliance Reminders

CR 23-03 - Aerosol cans were recently added as a category recognized under the Universal Waste Rule

CR 23-02 - Liquids are prohibited from being disposed of in regular trash. Used paint should be recycled or solidified prior to placing it in a waste container.

CR 23-01 - The annual operating time limits for the emergency generator engines are specific to the different situations the engine operates under.