About Us

On the pages of this website you will find detailed information about the Environmental Quality Management Department.  We are a service-oriented resource for the University on all matters related to environmental management.  The opportunities for such service are many and varied and the department is staffed accordingly as summarized below. The services demand regulatory knowledge, technical proficiency and an ability to not only evaluate compliance but to communicate clearly both exceptional practices and needed corrective action.


Services Offered


Major Permits Managed

► Air Quality Compliance Management

Water Quality Compliance Management

► Hazardous Waste Management

► Asbestos Assessment and Abatement

► Spill Response Assistance

► Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

PERMITS: Title V Air Emissions ● Hazardous Waste Treatment/Storage ● Stormwater (MS4) ● Wastewater


Our Team


Years of Average Experience

1 Professional Engineer

1 Professional Geologist

7 Bachelor Degrees

2 Masters Degrees

2 Accredited Asbestos Inspectors/Planners

4 Certified Hazardous Materials Managers

DEGREES: Engineering ● Geology ● Environmental Sciences ● Horticulture ● Biology