Other Waste Designations

UK’s Environmental Quality Management Department manages a wide variety of other types of waste that, while not regulated as hazardous waste, still exhibit hazardous properties or are otherwise regulated under a different set of legal control.  Some of these materials are managed in collaboration with UK’s Recycling office. Not only do these efforts assist in addressing statutorily-required waste minimization requirements  but they also work together in achieving UK’s Sustainability Strategic Plan waste reduction goals. 

Non Regulated Waste

Some waste streams do not meet the regulatory definition of hazardous waste but still exhibit hazardous properties that make their management and disposal worthy of special considerations.

Universal Waste: Batteries, Lamps and More

Universal Waste is a category established by the EPA that includes batteries, mercury containing equipment, many pesticides and fertilizers, and certain types of fluorescent lamps. Learn more about these wastes, the specific handling, labeling, and dating requirements, and how  these materials are managed in collaboration with UK’s Recycling office.

Used Oil

Oils, such as vacuum pump oil, motor oil, and hydraulic fluid, are contaminated by impurities during use making them unfit for continued usage. These substances are categorized as “Used Oil” and must be properly managed.

PCB Containing Equipment & Materials

Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB)’s are a group of manmade chemicals that are resistant to extreme temperature and pressure. These properties made them ideal for use in electronic equipment, lubricants, and plasticizers until their use was discontinued in 1979. Some equipment as well as building caulk and the adjacent substrate may contain PCB’s.