Assessments and Abatement


Asbestos Assessment

In most circumstances, Environmental Quality Management Department (EQM) has the responsibility of conducting assessments to investigate the occurrence of asbestos containing materials.  It is also charged with the responsibility of coordinating asbestos abatement projects.  Prior to any construction project including demolition, construction, alteration, or renovation, the UK Project Manager (or responsible project coordinator) must contact EQM to survey the project for potential asbestos-containing materials (PACM).  This begins the initial project survey for the presence/assessment of PACM.

EQM will conduct the following:

  • Determine the scope of the project.
  • Review the existing asbestos database maintained by EQM to determine if there are pertinent historical results available.
  • Inspect the site and collect samples as necessary.
  • Notify the Project Manager/Responsible Project Coordinator of sample results

If no asbestos is determined to be present no further action is necessary.  However, if asbestos is determined to be present then abatement may be necessary for the project (i.e., renovation, demolition, etc.) to continue.  The abatement process at UK is described below.


Asbestos Abatement

Where samples indicate the presence of an asbestos-containing material (ACM), a determination is made regarding whether the material can be managed in-place or if abatement procedures are necessary.  Asbestos abatement are the measures used to eliminate fiber releases into the air.  It can include encapsulation where the ACM is coated to prevent fiber release; enclosed within permanent, impermeable, airtight barriers; or removal of the ACM from the area followed by its disposal at a permitted facility.

For projects requiring asbestos abatement, EQM will:

Develop and submit a cost estimate to the Project Manager/Responsible Project Coordinator.
Determine a project timeline/schedule in conjunction with the Project Manager/Responsible Project Coordinator and asbestos contractor.
Submit a Work Authorization form to the Project Manager/Responsible Project Coordinator for approval.
The Project Manager/Responsible Project Coordinator returns a signed Work Authorization and Account Number to EQM.
The work schedule is confirmed with the contractor, allowing time to submit a mandatory 10-day notice to the Kentucky Division for Air Quality.


Project Start-up

Prior to project start-up, EQM along with the contractor will:

Discuss/coordinate the expected outcomes.
Resolve any contractor uncertainties.
Confirm all utilities are disconnected.


Once these items are resolved, EQM will:

Release the abatement area to the contractor.
Periodically inspect the area for compliance.
Resolve any issues the contractor may encounter.


Project Completeness

When the contractor notifies EQM of the project’s completion, EQM will:

Conduct an initial visual inspection.
Resolve work discrepancies, as necessary, with contractor.
Conduct a final visual inspection.
Contact an air sampling specialist to monitor for the presence of asbestos fibers.
Review the air quality results for approval.
Provide approval for the contractor to remove barriers, signage, and other project-related materials.
Notify the Project Manager/Responsible Project Coordinator when re-entry to the area is deemed acceptable.
Review the contractor’s close-out information for approval.
Abatement project ends.