Farmer Stress & Emotional Health

Although farming is often mythologized as a pastoral occupation and a healthy and peaceful way of life, it is in fact one of the most dangerous occupations and farms are considered among the most dangerous environments for farmers regardless of age (young children – seniors), gender or ethnicity. In reality farmer and agricultural workers are faced with many circumstances over which they have little or no control: weather, economic conditions, crop blight and other natural conditions.

Significant psychological hazards are associated with agriculture (Gregoire, 2003), including high levels of stress (Booth & Lloyd, 2000), depression and anxiety (Eisner et al., 1998), and increased rates of suicide (Booth et al., 2000; Page & Fragar, 2002). various psychological risks associated with farming: stress, depression, suicide and other mental illness documented in the literature.

Of course, most recently COVID-19 has had an impact on everything from on-farm production to supply chain disruptions and of course the health and well being of farmers, farm families and other agricultural workers.

The Southeast Center is committed to assisting farmers in dealing with this difficult issue to support access to services and support to deal with Farmer Stress and to improve Emotional Health and well-being. Select a menu item at Left to read more.