Southern Farmer & Rancher Stress Assistance Network

During fiscal year 2020-2021, the Southeast Center was a partner with AgriSafe on the South Region Farmer and Rancher Stress Assistance Network (S-FRSAN) grant funded by the USDA/NIFA.
The purpose of the S-FRSAN grant was to partner with the lead organization AgriSafe along with seven (7) key partner organizations in the Southern Region (defined by USDA) to develop a network to share resources and strategies to address the pressing needs of farmers and farm families experiencing high levels of stress due to injury and fatalities (including self-harm), health, economic and social circumstances.

The goal of the partnership was to develop community-based capacity for the identification of stress and its outcomes (health, self-harm, family disruptions and injury) and get farmers and farm families the help they need.  These trainings included Train-the-Trainer approaches as well as virtual and on-site skills trainings provided by network partners.
SCAHIP Objectives:
  1. To analyze the National Violent Death Surveillance Data for rates of suicide among farmers by region of the country and link these data to the 2017 and 2012 Agricultural Census data by farm size, crop data, location and other agricultural factors to provide a needs assessment of the risk of suicide for farmers and farm families.
  2. To convene a task force of agricultural health and safety professionals to leverage resources in KY and contiguous states and to disseminate information through the Center’s Outreach and CE programs.
  3. To support training for a broadly representative group of people in the agricultural community (farm family members, farm credit organizations, commodity groups, extension, healthcare, mental health providers, rural health nurses, ministerium) to attend suicide prevention training (such as the QPR [Question, Persuade, Refer]  or ASIST trainings for first responders). 
See our Agricultural Community QPR web page for further information on how objective #3 was advanced.