Evaluation Rubrics

In an effort to constantly improve UK Core, the faculty of University Senate’s UK Core Education Committee has spent considerable time over the last year reviewing feedback from course instructors about UK Core assessment. Based on that feedback the members of the committee have recently approved new, simplified rubrics to be used in the assessment process. The primary change is to reduce the assessment scale from five to three and to adjust the wording of descriptions of the dimensions. For nearly all rubrics, no new wording was created; rather the committee simply combined elements of two middle descriptors in the current version. These changes are based on feedback from faculty participating in our assessment reviews and from faculty evaluators who assessed artifacts over the last few years. Based on that feedback, we anticipate the new rubric will simply the assessment process while still yielding the assessment information needed to make any necessary improvement in the Core curriculum.

UK Core Area
Composition & Communication
Inquiry - Arts & Creativity
Inquiry - Humanities
Inquiry - Natural, Physical, and Mathematical Sciences
Inquiry - Social Science
Quantitative Foundations (non-MA)
Quantitative Foundations (MA)
Statistical Inferential Reasoning

 * Applies to Global Dynamics and U.S. Citizenship courses