Frequently Asked Questions - Faculty

For the latest information on UK Core course offerings, direct your browser to:

For current classes, consult the course schedule in your myUK portal and follow the links to Student Administration and then Academics.


All UK Core courses should be approved by your College and submitted from your College by the appropriate member of your Dean's office.  The packet and more information on submitting a course can be found under the Faculty tab.

Once every two years, faculty teaching courses in each UK Core area map specific assignment(s) to program student learning outcomes (SLOs) in a course using the AEFIS toolkit located within Canvas.  These student work products are evaluated by area experts using UKCEC-approved rubrics.  Information is shared back to units aggregated at the department or course level so that faculty may be aware of the success in students meeting SLOs and for potential course improvement. For more information and a schedule of review, see the UK Core Assessment Plan (pdf). 

No. There are no penalties in UK Core assessment. Assessment of the learning outcomes is designed to help programs/majors, unit units/departments, colleges, and the University address how to better prepare students.  Poor student performance should be viewed as an indication that there is need for program improvement.

UK Core officially began with students that entered UK in the Fall 2011 semester. All students must complete 30 hours in the UK Core through coursework completed at UK, applicable transfer coursework, AP credit, or a combination thereof.