Frequently Asked Questions - Faculty

UK Core officially began with students that entered UK in the fall 2011 semester. Students who began prior to the fall 2011 semester are still under the University Studies Program (USP) general education requirements.

While there are many differences, some of the key changes would include:

  • The foreign language component has been changed from a general education requirement in USP to a proficiency-based requirement that must be completed prior to graduation
  • USP required more than 40 credit hours to satisfy, whereas UK Core requires 30 credit hours (or equivalency)
  • There is no math ACT/SAT opt-out for the Quantitative Foundations requirement in UK Core

More information can be obtained by viewing the Office of the Registrar's University Bulletin pages for each program - University Studies Program (USP) or UK Core.

Find out more about UKCEC by visiting the Oversight Committee page here.

For the latest information on UK Core course offerings please refer to the link below:

UK Core - Approved Courses

UK Core - Online Course Catalog


All UK Core courses should be approved by your College and submitted from your College by the appropriate member of your Dean's office.  The packet and more information on submitting a course can be found under the Faculty tab.

UK Core's Design Principle Seven states: "The curriculum will specify learning outcomes and the processes for both the systematic assessment of those learning outcomes and ongoing curricular improvement. " Assessment of Gen Ed, done well, and done consistently, will strengthen the program and prevent slippage away from our student learning outcomes. The process must be a strong collaboration between faculty governance and academic administration.   Faculty, through UKCEC and other avenues, will have input on evaluating the process, the rubrics used and improvement plans that impact Gen Ed curricula.

Learn more about the comprehensive assessment approach for UK Core by reading through the UK Core Assessment Plan (pdf).

No. There are no penalties in UK Core assessment. Assessment of the learning outcomes is designed to help programs/majors, unit units/departments, colleges, and the University address how to better prepare students.  Poor student performance should be viewed as an indication that there is need for program improvement.

Questions or comments related to the UK Core can be directed to:

Joanie Ett-Mims
Office of the Senate Council
University of Kentucky
203 Main Building
Lexington, KY 40506-0032
Phone (859) 257-5871 |