UK Core Education Committee (UKCEC)

Purpose & Charge
The University of Kentucky Faculty Senate recently approved the UK Core Education Committee as a standing committee of the Senate. Much like the General Oversight Committee (GEOC) that preceded it, the general functions of the UKCEC are:

  • Providing input and recommendations on issues that may arise as implementation of the new curriculum takes place.
  • Reviewing proposed general education courses to ensure conformity with Senate-approved course templates for each of the 10 course areas. Final approval of courses will reside with the University Senate.
  • Working collaboratively with the offices of Undergraduate Education and Assessment to ensure that assessment of the general education program meets the needs of program review and the needs and diverse activities of faculty teaching general education courses.
  • Developing recommendations for the long-term oversight of the program, including periodic course review and program assessment to ensure that the program remains true to the learning outcomes.
  • Providing regular updates on General Education to the University Senate and the campus community.

On May 6, 2013 the Senate approved the updated Senate Rules language concerning the UK Core Education Committee.