UKC Experimental Course Requests

The UKC prefix allows for faculty to propose a course for the UK Core and to teach it up to two times prior to submitting it for formal approval. We encourage faculty to be “experimental” in their approaches, while also ensuring that the course meets the learning outcomes for UK Core course area as defined by the relevant course template. All requests for teaching an experimental course under a UKC prefix must include the following components:

  • The UKC Course Submission Form [.docx]. This form should contain the signatures of the proposer, the proposer’s Chair, and the appropriate college official in charge of curriculum. An email trail and forwarding from the appropriate college official will be acceptable proof of approval as well.
  • A completed Course Review form for the area to be addressed, e.g., Inquiry in Humanities. This insures alignment with the area template. These forms are available from the UK Core website at
  • A course syllabus that addresses all learning outcomes from the relevant course template. The syllabus must also conform to Senate Syllabi Guidelines.

The proposal should be submitted to the appropriate staff member in the Senate Council Office.


General Policy Considerations:

  • Experimental UKC courses may only be taught twice, after which they must be submitted as new courses through regular curriculum channels prior to being taught again.
  • UKC courses, like all UK Core courses, will be expected to participate in Core Assessment programming.
  • UKC courses should not generally be utilized as a vehicle for teaching large numbers of students in an expeditious manner, but rather to provide faculty with the opportunity to develop and test new courses prior to the formal approval process.
  • Students may not repeat the same title for credit, unless they are exercising a repeat option.