May 1, 2012

Interim General Education Oversight Committee (GEOC)
Date of Meeting: 
Tuesday, May 1, 2012
Location of Meeting: 
Room 203 Student Center, 10 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
Members Present Ex-Officio Present Guests Present
Amy Gaffney Bill Rayens Mike Mullen
Susan Larson Mike Shanks Leah Simpson
Juliana McDonald   Chris Thuringer
Jennifer Rice    
David Royster    
Ben Withers    



1.   The meeting scheduled for April 20th  became a rubrics work session so there were no minutes to approve.

2.   The following six rubrics were approved for use in spring 2012 Assessment Institute:

a)   Inquiry in Creativity

b)   Inquiry in Humanities

c)    Inquiry in Natural, Physical, and Mathematical Sciences d)   Inquiry in Social Sciences

e)   Quantitative Foundations

f)     Statistical Inferential Reasoning

3.   Rayens initiated a discussion of the future of IGEOC.      Rayens’ position as Assistant Provost and Chair of IGEOC was only a two-year position and it is set to end on May 15, 2012.    The group discussed the need to reorganize and perhaps select a Chair from within their ranks that would serve for a limited period of time and then rotate. There are tentative plans to meet again in May or June to work out these details.

There was also frank discussion about the challenges to the Core from the budget cuts coming to the University.     The group also acknowledged the challenges of now having a mostly new IGEOC membership and agreed that this Committee should continue to provide strong leadership for the Core on the UK Campus.

4.   Associate Provost Mike Mullen joined the group at 11:00 to report on, among, other things, the intent of the Senate Council to ask the Senate to make IGEOC a standing subcommittee of the Senate, and to remove the designation of “Interim”.      The Council has proposed renaming IGEOC the University of Kentucky Core Committee.  Dr. Mullen also updated the group on progress with the new Document Handling System.   He also acknowledged the changing budget environment that would make it necessary for Rayens to rotate out of his AP position at least for the short term. Finally, Dr. Mullen invited IGEOC to meet with him in the summer to discuss their reorganization. He offered a small stipend and food as an incentive.

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