December 16, 2013

UK Core Education Committee (UKCEC)
Date of Meeting: 
Monday, December 16, 2013
Location of Meeting: 
Room 107 Breckinridge Hall, 2:00-4:00 pm
Members Present Ex-Officio Present Guests Present
Jonathan Allison Mike Shanks Chris Thuringer
Ruth Beattie Debbie Sharp  
Russell Brown    
Patty Cook-Craig    
Amy Gaffney    
Juliana McDonald    
Brian McNely    
Nancy Jones    
Ben Withers (Chair)    



1. Approval of minutes from December 2, 2013 meeting Approved by consensus 2. Consent Agenda Arts & Creativity DES 100 - Design in Your World - APPROVED Inquiry - Humanities COM 316 – Creative Problem Solving in a Zombie Apocalypse – Removed from consent agenda ITA 263 – Studies in Italian Culture: (Subtitle required) - APPROVED HIS 253 - History of Pre-Colonial Africa - APPROVED Inquiry – Social Sciences ANT 103 - Sports, Culture, and Society – APPROVED PENDING (change to excused absence policy for film review) ANT 335 - Religion in Everyday Life - APPROVED 3. AGS degrees and UK Core Issues have arisen with respect to the current UK Core Exceptions policy and the language around non-GETA transfer coursework (7c). The committee recommends that a minimum credit hour requirement be established for general education and overall credit hours before a blanket UK Core exception would be provided. Currently, some students are transferring in a “completed” general education curriculum however the transferring credit is less than 30 hours. Mike Shanks will develop revisions to the current document, in conjunction with UKCEC and the Exceptions Sub-Committee, that will be put forward for approval at a future UKCEC meeting. 4. Honors Program report Withers commented on the provided Honors information and asked the committee to advise on the materials and process for approving Honors/UK Core curriculum. In general, the committee recommends that the course review form should be completed and included for each UK Core course to make it clear how the course lines up with the template outcomes. This would replace the need for a cover letter from the Director explaining why the course meets the Core requirements. Any thoughts specific to provided syllabi and/or process should be forwarded to Thuringer. 5. Meeting adjourned at 3:30 pm. Prepared by Chris Thuringer on January 13, 2014.

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