December 2, 2013

UK Core Education Committee (UKCEC)
Date of Meeting: 
Monday, December 2, 2013
Location of Meeting: 
Room 107 Breckinridge Hall, 2:00-4:00 pm
Members Present Ex-Officio Present Guests Present
Jonathan Allison Mike Shanks Chris Thuringer
Ruth Beattie Debbie Sharp  
Russell Brown    
Heather Bush    
Tracy Campbell    
Nancy Jones    
Ben Withers (Chair)    



1. Approval of minutes from November 18, 2013 meeting Approved by consensus 2. Consent Agenda MUS 222 – “Creativity and Innovation in Rock Music” (Arts and Creativity) Approved pending minor revisions to the syllabus (mid-term grade statement and excused absence policy) 3. UK Core Reporting Thuringer provided an update on data access to UK Core information through HANA/Tableau and showed a few examples of UK Core reports (enrollment, grade distribution). Access to these reports will eventually be made available to UKCEC members and others (Colleges?) with training to follow. 4. Double-counting UK Core course credit discussion The question of the extent to which students can or should be able to double-count UK Core credit was discussed. The issue centered around the question of how many courses within the students’ own major should be allowed to count also for UK Core credit. SACS (2.7.3) says courses within the general education program courses “do not narrowly focus on those skills, techniques, and procedures specific to a particular occupation or profession.” Bush indicated that this is a timely discussion as Public Health is currently developing a bachelor’s degree with several of the general education requirements being met through College/Department offered courses. Currently, it appears that Theatre is the only program that has set a limit on the number of theatre major requirement courses that can also count for UK Core (3 credit hours). UKCEC will develop a policy in regards to this at a future meeting. In the meantime, Shanks and Thuringer will do additional research into the issue and current context within major requirements. 5. Information Updates (Thuringer) • UKNow article featuring MA 111; an article featuring Social Sciences and C&C are scheduled for early spring • DL major change paperwork has been approved by UGC and sent to Senate (this will allow UKC proposals to be taught DL, if desired) • Meetings next year will be on Monday’s from 3 – 4:30pm. Dates and location TBD. 6. Meeting adjourned at 3:30 pm. Prepared by Chris Thuringer on December 13, 2013

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