Academic Responsibilities and Expectations


WilDCats at the Capitol is open to all majors. As a participant in this program, you will remain a full-time student earning 12 academic credit hours through your internship and classes (excluding summer) taught by UK faculty in Washington, DC. During the spring and fall terms, a UK-affiliated faculty will teach two courses in his/her field of specialty, with a focus on taking advantage of Washington, DC’s resources to enhance the coursework. As part of this experience, students will be responsible for writing a research paper on a topic related to their internship, and for participating in a weekly meeting, which will include opportunities to hear prominent speakers as well as to reflect on their internship experience. Students will earn six credits for the coursework (excluding summer) taught by the UK-affiliated professor and six credits for the internship. Students will enroll in the following courses: 

● PS 399: Political Science Internship in Government or Politics (6 hours)
● PS 391: Special Topics In Political Science (the course offerings will vary from semester to semester depending on the expertise of the lead faculty member (3 hours)

● PS 351: Professional Development in Washington, DC (3 hours)

Students may also arrange additional or related coursework or internship credit with their individual department. Students can take advantage of online and distance learning options in consultation with your academic advisor and the Internship Director.