Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness is geared toward engaging students in financial literacy programs and providing a place for peer mentorship through the MoneyCATS team. Financial Wellness also provides excellent resources for the University of Kentucky student body to stay connected and well equipped to handle their evolving financial needs.

You can access the Financial Wellness website by clicking here

If you are selected to participate in the WilDCats at the Capitol program, you will be required to schedule an appointment with the Student Financial Wellness Center. You can contact the Student Financial Wellness Center at 859-323-5241 or You can also reach out to the office throughout your internship to ask questions in regarding to your personal finances, find program recommendations, or join the MoneyCATS team.

Their website includes multiple resources on how to manage your finances. Specially, when you are in Washington DC. This includes:

  • Wildcat Cost Calculator: Helps calculate your billable and non-billable cost. Billable cost are tuition and mandatory fees. Non-billable cost are items that are not listed on your student account. Examples are books, personal  expenses, transportation, and off-campus living expenses.
  • Financial Education: Learn about credit and budget basics, identity protection, planning for college, financial tips from experts, and banking in the U.S.

Other resources that campus offers: