Scholarship Opportunities

Financial Aid

In addition to any scholarships and financial aid that students have earned, applicants will automatically be considered for three additional scholarships offered by the Department of Political Science, Office of the President and Student Government Association.  We do our best to accommodate the financial needs of each student but strongly encourage you to speak with your financial aid counselor.

Some financial aid programs are eligible for use during the summer, but financial aid resources are generally more restrictive during summer months. 

Students should check with your college, as well as the individual departments within your college, for information about available departmental scholarships. Requirements and application deadlines vary by department.

*Please apply regardless of your financial need and we will see if there is support available.


Additional Scholarship Opportunities

Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships will provide guidance on all scholarship opportunities and help determine what financial aid is a good fit for you.

Please feel free to also visit UK's Scholarship Universe portal for additional funding sources.