Financial Services Administration

Location: 301 Peterson Service Building 0005

Phone: (859) 257-4758

Fax: (859) 257-4805

University Financial Services has institution-wide responsibilities for the treasury, investments, banking services, payroll, accounts payable, property records and long-term debt functions, and for accounting and preparation of internal and external financial reports including the general purpose financial statements, and the coordination and oversight of the external audits.


Financial Services Administration

Susan I. Krauss Treasurer (859) 257-4758
Ronda S. Beck Controller (859) 257-4759
Mary Fister Assistant Treasurer (859) 257-2956
Jennifer Miles Assistant Controller (859) 257-6260
Shan Wang Assistant Controller (859) 257-1001
Todd Shupp Chief Investment Officer (859) 218-3901
Lexi Bugay Administrative Staff Officer II (859) 257-4758
Kristina Goins Investment Operations Analyst (859) 323-4471
Sarah Heil Treasury and Debt Analyst (859) 257-5830


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