Recently Updated BPM's

E-7-10 Discretionary Policy

Updated to remove Sam's Club memberships from the list of places that are not allowed on any type of funds.  Departmental Sam's Club membership are allowed on both non-discretionary and discretionary funds.

E-6-1 Sales and Use Tax

Updated to outline the sales tax changes that affect several types of sales that have not been subjected to sales tax in the past.

New Payroll BPM’s- all Issued April 5, 2018

E-8-3 Beneficiary Payments

To establish policies for beneficiary payments as it relates to payment of employee wages to an executor or legal representative.

E-8-4  Cost Distribution Methods

Policy established cost allocation/distribution methods as it relates to the payment of employee wages.  

E-8-5    Direct Deposit

Policy outlines specific procedures as related to direct deposit as method of payment for employee wages as required by AR 3:3.

E-8-7 Lost Stolen Checks Stop Payment Request

Policy provides guidance to employees for reporting lost or stolen payroll checks.

E-8-8 Name and Social Security Changes

Policy provides guidance to employees to update HR/Payroll record for name and social security number changes.

E-8-9 Pay Check Distribution

Policy establishes procedures for payroll check distribution.

E-8-10 Pay Periods, Pay Dates, and Processing Schedules

Policy establishes the pay period, pay dates and processing procedures for processing payroll.

E-8-11 Missed Pay Request

Policy outlines the criteria for missed pay check request and procedures to obtain.

E-8-12 Payroll Overpayments

Policy establishes procedures for the recovery of payroll overpayments.

E-8-13 Taxable Fringe Benefits

Policy provides guidance to departments for appropriate reporting of taxable fringe benefit payments to Payroll Services.

Other Updated BPM's

Q-1-1  General Reponsibilities

June 11th, 2018

Policy revised to update wording from Lexington Campus, Chandler Medical Center and UK Hospital to University and UK Healthcare.